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Re: [OT/FT] My Wing Commander review...

From: Laserlight <laserlight@c...>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 22:55:59 -0500
Subject: Re: [OT/FT] My Wing Commander review...

>Oh yeah and there's Wing Commander tacked on to the end of it.. Lemme
>say that if you took out everything to do with the carrier pilots,
>dialogue, childish non disciplined behavior, relationship to their
>commanders, and the dumpy ships they fly,

Looked like 50's era jets.  I was disapppointed.

(The game has cooler ships) then
>paid someone with at least a day of real time experience in the
>bucks to rewrite those parts, it would be a pretty good movie.

Hey, for a $27M movie you could ask for more than $10.
You may not get it, mind you, but at least ask.

>No spoilers per say but some details below.

It was fun.  Once.  Twice would be too much..

>Effects are good though this movie was only made with $27 million. The
>fighters look miniature like at times. The capital engagements are
>though the primary weapon is the 21" Long Lance looking missile (they
>them torpedoes complete with shots of torpedo room like scenes. The
>battle scenes are definitely WWII in space. there's apparently no PDS
>just evade the missiles by trying to hardturn out of their way.

And luring the Kilrathi capital in the way he did at the end was a
too pat.

>There are a few cool boarding scenes. (Though of course they are
>by the goddamn no time in service fighter pilots!)

You're saying fighter pilots wouldn't make good boarding troops?  : )

>They actually use setbelts on the bridge.
>The command holotank plot which is very nice...

The idea is good, the use they made of it was disappointing.  To me,
is, I've been using that visual for ten years (back when I was writing
scripts) and they just didn't think it through.

>The carrier takeoffs and landings are just plain stupid stupid stupid.
>  1. The fighters actually dip below deck as they take off ala some WW2
>  2.They land right into the maintenance hanger, a mater or two away

Hey, they're not pilots, who cares?

>  3. There's no crash or medical teams on standing by when they
Hey, they're just pilots, who cares?

>best thing about the movie?
>The Soundtrack.
>Worst thing about the movie (besides what i said above)?
>No female mammalian protuberances. (sorry beth<grin>) Hey it's rated R
>DON'T KNOW WHY? I figured there's be some nude scenes since it wasn't
>that violent and no one really said F**k that much.

It's got to be language, though there wasn't much of that.  There is a
scene, sort of, in which both participants are clothed (street legal,
"wouldn't think twice about jogging in it" clothed--in fact, I've seen
sexier clothing on some of the local joggers)...BTW it's PG13 not R.  I
my ten year old to it without qualms.

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