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Re: [FT] A thought on that vector movement problem

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 17:30:49 +1000
Subject: Re: [FT] A thought on that vector movement problem


>>just that an abstraction. Thus I really can't see the problem with
>>movement, turn, push.
>The difficulty is that a Drive 6 ship can end up moving a max of 8, not

OK, I think I'm working from a different premise here. I haven't had a
chance to read the background behind the tech as yet (Derek has
just said rules are blah), so maybe I'm way off track with the way I
of things, but as far as I'm concerned Thrust ratings is for
that engine going straight ahead and thrusters are something additional
(otherwise you would have had the restriction that
sum of main drive + thrusters = drive rating fullstop). And its because
looking at it this way that I'm not too stressed by
the drive-turn-push thing (that and the fact its used once in a blue

>>Furthermore, as far as I can see all the modifications etc.
>One simple modificaion

I was working from memory and I just had the impression that a few
had suggested different 'fixes' - sorry.
(I haven't more than glanced at most of the posts directly - Derek does
actual reading of most threads - and so I may have missed something that
you all decided upon as a good idea, so then you can tell me to pull my
head in here)

>> suggested to fix this one (supposed) glitch
>>also knock out a hell of a lot more maneuvres than just that one.
>Such as?

One of the modifications suggested was that you couldn't main drive,
and push fullstop (regardless of where you turned to) and this would
out moves like main drive forward, turn 4 starboard and then push
(I've probably just got my ports and
starboards back to front, but I envisaged go forward, turn, come back at
diagonal). It just seems like a very confining solution for something
isn't that much of a problem (as far as I'm concerned).

>NSL doesn't usually have the Thrust rating to use it. Thrust 4 or

Well that's the NSL's design choice. He doesn't get to move very far,
his beams always go in (i.e. always gets to roll for hits) whereas I get
flit around but I've got to live with the fact that SMs aren't sure

>>I was the first (that I know of) to point out this move.  I greatly

So is it a physics thing that makes this move such a bad thing? Have I
my ideas about engines cock-eyed or what? I am seriously trying to
understand what the fuss is all about - though I guess if I ever
to shut up then there probably wouldn't be much of a fuss ;)

Have fun


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