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Dark Nebula Mini-Campaign Rules

From: "Imre A. Szabo" <ias@s...>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 21:31:51 -0500
Subject: Dark Nebula Mini-Campaign Rules

Hi Guys,

Sorry for taking so long to post these.  Please feel free to modify

Turn Sequence:

Collect Income	  For all planets.  Points can be pooled into supply
grids.	A supply grid is all planets connected by jumplines without
enemy fleets in them.  Planets cut off by enemy fleets can still spend
their points, and it is possible to run the blockade with freighters.

Spend Income	Buy stuff, expendables (fighters, missiles, ground
units, etc) are recieved immediately.  Ship are recieved at the end of
the turn.  Planets can only build ships that cost equal to or less than
their income.  Note this restricts the size of ships they can build, not
the number.  Planets with StarBases can build ships equal to or less
than the mass of the StarBase, or equal to the or less that their
income, players choice which.  Production of expendables is not limited.

Move Fleets	Each ship can make four jumps.	Either from one system
to another by jump lines, and/or from one hex to another.  Ships can
only move by jump lines in the Dark Nebula quadrant.  The dark jump
lines are unexplored.  For each attempt by ship to jump down an
unexplored jumpline, roll 1d6:

1  End up back where you started, no damage
2  End up back where you started, 25% damaged
3  End up back where you started, 50% damaged
4  End up back where you started, 75% damaged
5  Ship never seen again, presumed destroyed.
6  Success, jumpline charted for that player

Fight Battles	 If both sides occupy the same system and one side does
not wish to engage, then competative die rolls.  Add +1 for the ever 2
thrust of the slowest ship in your fleet, +1 for each grade of sensors
of your best ship, and +1 if all your ships are 10 mass or less.
Whoever wins, decides if a battle is fought or not.  When one side
retreats from a system, they can only move down jump lines to a friendly
controlled system, if none are available, the retreat into deep space.

Conquer Planets        Use DS2, or whatever you like.  If you don't want
ground combat, you must have 1 crew unit for every Point of income in
orbit to conquer the planet.  Each life hold counts as 1 crew unit for
this purpose.

Recieve Production    You get the ships you paid for, if you didn't lose
the planet, or starbase where they were built.


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