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RE: [FT] Basing Fighters

From: -MWS- <Hauptman@c...>
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1999 14:55:56 -0500 (EST)
Subject: RE: [FT] Basing Fighters

On Tue, 9 Mar 1999 wrote:
> Understood. My intention was columns thick enough that they'd be as
large as
> the fighters. Painted black, I was hopeing they'd just visually fade,
as long
> as the fighters were bright enough. Also, big enough to counter the
> problem you mentioned. Er, I hope.

I just can't see being very successul in making a one-piece fighter
without using some *very* fancy molding techniques, and for the home
it's more trouble than it's worth.  You'd be better off casting
fighters+post as a one piece, but even then you're looking at a 3-piece
*per fighter*.

You could cast just the base - with posts molded in - using a three
piece core
mold.  That's not unreasonable for the home caster, and it lets you make
fairly simple 2-piece mold for casting your fighter groups.  Personally,
stick to pewter casting, as using resin for items this small is normally
exercise in frustration.  A complete home casting rig for low-temp
pewter will
only set you back about $100 US, and low-temp metal is available in
small lots
for the home caster and reasonable prices.

> ***
> You might take a look on how I've been basing my fighter groups - the
> I've shown them to in person have all given me "oohs & ahhs" over
them. :)
> Here's a pic that hows how they look.
> ***
> Oh, I'm oo'ing and ahh'ing, all right. Still, I have been wondering
how the
> K'rathri feel about serving in modified 'flying ghettos'... ;->=

Hehehe - they're used to it.  Remeber how easily a Dralthi "popped" in

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