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RE: [FT] Basing Fighters

From: "John Swann" <cygnnus@h...>
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 1999 10:55:01 PST
Subject: RE: [FT] Basing Fighters

I have a slightly different means of basing my fighters.  It'll take a 
little describing, but I really like the way it turns out.  First, the 
basics...  I base 'em two-to-a-base using old Battletech hex bases (of 
which I had a surprising number left after I stopped playing that one 
years ago.  They're about 1" across and have a raised edge.  I fill the 
"valley" in the middle with milliput, kneadatite, or some other epoxy 
putty (I used plumbers epoxy for mine IIRC) so that the putty is level 
with the raised edges of the hex.  When the putty is mostly dry (i.e. 
pretty stiff) I cut out a square with one side being a metal hex side, 
about the size of one of the dice I use to mark the squadron's strength.
Pardon the clumsy ascii art, but this might help:
  /	 \
 / .	  \    <---- Base
/	.  \  <---- Holes drilled for piano wire 
\  +----+  /
 \ |	| /  <------ Square cut out for die  

Then I let the base dry totally.  It often helps to sand the base once 
the putty's dry to get a nice smooth finish.  Then drill a couple of 
holes into the putty, insert some stiffened piano wire and mount two 
fighters on the wire.  Voila.  You can cut the piano wire to any length 
(I use some variety to make it interesting) and you can use colored dice

to mark different types of squadrons (or squadrons from different 
carriers).  I use different colored dice for each carrier and put little

dots on the back edge of the base to mark the squadron number.	So Red-1

(Red die with one dot) may be a strike fighter, while Red-2 may be a 
recon squadrons from the same carrier...  

Once you get going with it, they fly out and you can get 6 squadrons per

pack o' fighters.  I don't, however, know if Ral Partha still makes 
those hex bases as I haven't bought any in many years. But they used to 
sell them in packs of 6.

Hope somone found that useful.	I do have a .jpg of one of the fighter 
squadrons if anyone is interested.  Contact me off list.



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