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Re: [CON] ECC II - The Beer Game

From: "Geo-Hex" <geohex@m...>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 16:37:30 +0000
Subject: Re: [CON] ECC II - The Beer Game

> Date: 	 Thu, 04 Mar 1999 18:45:52 -0500
> From: 	 Jon Davis <>
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> Subject:	 [CON] ECC II - The Beer Game
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> The pickup Star Grunt game on Saturday night was called The Beer Game,
> the losers would be buying for the victors.  KR could give a better
> of the close combat results that helped end that one.  The dice were
> To quote KR  "Never play me for beer."
> Jon
It was Brunhilda, my NSL Platoon Commander, she just hates to lose!

Anyway, I set up a scenario where 3 squads of NSL and 3 Squads of FSE 
were separated by a stream in the center of the table.	Each side was 
told to "capture" live enemy and bring them back for interrogation.  
Nic and I played the NSL while Mike, Pat and (!?! I've forgotten the 
name of the third FSE player, but let me get another beer, it'll come 
back to me) were the FSE ("fizzies")

They (FSE) came over the stream to get us and we kept putting two 
squads on one to keep them pinned down.  When one of their squads got 
out of support range we roughed up the other, got lucky in a close 
action and took a prisoner.  Then we spent the rest of the game 
trying to remain unpinned long enough to get the prisoner off board!  
This we managed to do by turn 8, but not before our two remaining 
squads got so shot up that they were in danger of being captured!!  
Mike (the fizzie commander) charged Brunhilda and her lone comrade 
with the remains (4 figs) of his leader squad.	She managed to kill 
him and put all his men on the ground, then she activated, grabbed 
two of the enemy wounded between her and her comrade, and fled the
On our next activation the other squad got off board leaving the 
remaining fizzies to check their wounded and bury their dead.

We lost seven men to capture three - hardly worth it since they were 
"fizzies"!  But we managed to kill eight of theirs if memory serves.

Then we went out and collected our beer!!


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