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Re: [Con] GZG-ECC II Con Overview Report

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 1999 23:15:06 -0500
Subject: Re: [Con] GZG-ECC II Con Overview Report

Jon Davis wrote:

> Jean-Pierre Fiset wrote:
> >
> > > "Hi.  I'm from the Xenobiology dept. with Corporate R & D and
> > > I'm here to help."
> > >
> > Stupid LT would not let me blow them to pieces :-)
> As Company, you need to smile a lot and play by the book
> until the proper moment.  Heck, in that game I simply would
> have communicated early on with the marines to subdivide the
> base into areas of responsibility.  I would have done my best
> to convince the marine player that getting the Queen out of
> the station would also satisfy his objectives without killing
> her.

> I also think I would have kept the cyborgs concealed until
> needed.

A quick few points...

1. That guy (the MSG) was trying to kill us for the whole game, long
before he ever saw the cyborgs,

2. The individual squads under me had their own GM-driven agendas. WHich
is why I was consyantly on the radio yelling at them to pull back and
trying to reign them back from letting you see them. When they would go
traispsing right up to the marines. The cyborgs had an almost
sinmgle-minded programming to go after hte queen regardless. The human
mercs were pissed off that the power armor dudes and he fancy cyborg
tech were getting all the glory and were determined to porve that they
were still the best. (In fact it wa sthey who subdued the queen without
help of our wazoo bug zapper.

3. Our secondary job was to ensure anyone who saw the cyborgs did not
live. Hence we delayed as long as possible from getting in there to make
sure as many of the Marines as possible got eaten up. The borgs were
trying to get at the LT and the SAS guy to kill them when the alien did
the job.

4. It was clear after the first two turns that there would be no
reasoning with the NCO in the APC (or the player running him) despite
repeated efforts. (If only we had a satchel charge!)


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