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Re: Anyone use Liquitex Paints?

From: "John C" <john1x@h...>
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 1999 06:22:59 PST
Subject: Re: Anyone use Liquitex Paints?

>Has anyone on the list (or off the list) have experience painting minis

>with Liquitext Acrylics (or any other artist quality acrylics).

My only experience with liquitex is the white--great primer, and 
excellent for dryrushing.  Let me recommend another brand, though, if  I


Cartoon Colors, produced by the company of the same name, are great 
paints.  They are acrylics, originally designed to be used in painting 
animation cels, and I've been doing most of my painting with them for 
the past few years.  The paint is flexible, covers well (within 
reason--painting yellow over black never works), and comes in a large 
variety of colors.  The colors are, in fact, the best part: there are 
about 30 or 40 basic and distinct colors, and about 20 different 
versions of each of these colors.  With Red, for example, you can get 
Red 20--a nice, deep color--or Red 19, which is a little lighter.  Or 
Red 18, or 17, or 16...each getting progressively lighter, until you 
reach Red 1, a very light pink.  This makes shading, highlighting, and 
drybrushing VERY easy.	Most colors have 20 gradiations; some have less,

Grey has 32.  Drying time is a little slower than Partha paints, but not

by much.  The paint comes in squeeze bottles, and is easy to dispense.

There are only two disadvantages to Cartoon Colors: No metallics (so I 
use Polly S, or one of a variety of Craft Paints), and it is rather 
difficult to obtain.  I used to get it through Jenkintown, which dealt 
directly with Cartoon Colors itself.  Now, I'll probably have to go 
direct myself.	If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll try to 
find the address.

As for inks, I blush to confess that I still use Citadel inks, in the 
original plastic squeeze bottles (the ones that tended to explode when 
shipped by air), and I like 'em fine.  However, Pelikan makes some nice 
inks as well, and I've been employing them more and more often.

John Crimmins

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