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[GZG-ECC] to the attendees of GZG-ECC II

From: "What do you mean 'Vorchans aren't atmosphere-capable'?" <KOCHTE@s...>
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 08:56:31 -0500 (EST)
Subject: [GZG-ECC] to the attendees of GZG-ECC II

Greetings, guys,

I just wanted to relay on to those people who were at GZG-ECC II the
thanks of my brother and his friend who attended. They are *gamers*,
and they like to *game*, and mostly play WH40K because, well, that's
what everyone around them wants to play. My brother had played a couple
of FT games with me in as many years, and he borrowed my SGII rules for
a couple months in preparation for this convention. When I spoke to him
last night he basically said that he and his friend Mark had high praise
for the people at the con. When they first came they were leary that
might be fanatical extreme-end hardcore people who would have no
or time to teach those who were not well-versed with the rules in order
to bring them up to speed. AND that you were all *fun*. To the point
no matter what happened in any particular scenario/game, every one they
played in was *fun* because the players involved MADE them fun. Everyone
who was there deserves some sort of recognition for being Fun People(tm)
to game with.

They were pleasantly surprised to find that you all were more than
to teach any rules they did not know, and that you all were both mature
gamers, and overall FUN people because you like to GAME, whatever the
system. They also expressed some surprise that the group of people at
GZG-ECC II were not the long-greasy-haired types who haven't bathed in
a month, but rather y'all were 'normal people' (heh!!). They full intend
on coming back next year (and are now in the process of putting together
a rather impressive array of Narn and Centauri ships to bring with them
Jim Bell can vouch for this, I'm sure  :)

During the run-and-fight-and-run-again battle through this forest of
she is finally cornered. Her weapons have been left deep in the bodies
of the
slain or broken against the granite-hard scales of these snakes that are
snakes. Her stand to the death must be fought here. Though her only
are her hands and her deep and wide knowledge of the slayers, she does
fear them. They will die. Of this she is sure.

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