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[CON] AAR - Kra'Vak vs NRE (SUMMARY)

From: "Wasserman, Kurt" <Kurt.Wasserman@C...>
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 16:28:55 -0500
Subject: [CON] AAR - Kra'Vak vs NRE (SUMMARY)

For: 1st Commander House Wz'Zel Naval Affairs 
Of:  1st Stalk Commander K'zirt, 1st Talon Wz'Zel fleet

About: Action at Lan'K'Ster'Pah 12122. 

On our way to Stalk the Hu'mans in [SECTOR EDITED], we were scheduled to
resupply at the Lan'K'Ster Refueling Station.  We were unable to
communications with the station so we approached in Stalk.  We
that the sector was not secure.  A large Hu'man fleet had intruded
We immediately moved to Confront. 

Hu'man forces included 2 new types of ships that have not been
before.  One, a ship in the Heavy or Super Dreadnought class and a close
escort cruiser capable of intense but short ranged defensive fire.  We
seen these defensive systems in action but not in such a focused role.

The battle was violent but brief with the Hu'man flagship being
destroyed as
well as several other Hu'man ships.  The Hu'man fleet seemed to be short
longer range weapons.  I was able to keep my ships closely organized and
our optimum range.  This was what won the drahl for us.  Given our
my fleet is temporarily unable to proceed with the primary mission.  I
securing the sector until reinforcements and replacement security ships

The Hu'man goal in this sector was to strip the refueling station of our
technology.  They were successful to a degree but they paid the price
their arrogance.  But this was not simply a military victory for us.  We
have salvaged several Hu'man artifacts from the post-battle debris.  As
the Hu'man ships were destroyed by fire, there is little to claim. 
the salvage are several Salvo Missiles that lost tracking, 2 Killercraft
pilot suits, 2 Killercraft life pods.  There were no surviving Hu'mans
in sector.  The most important	prize of this engagement was a nearly
fire control system for their point defense cannon.  

Damage/Loss Summary
1 Dreadnought	(New paint needed, left-side waste disposal port)
1 Light Carrier (18 Killercraft lost to enemy fire)
1 Hvy Cruiser	(Moderate structural damage, 
1 Hunter CA	(Salvageable/Life Support/FTL Drive/Main Weapons)
2 Destroyers	(1-Salvageable/Life Support, 1-Power Core Explosion)
1 Frigate	(Salvageable/Life Support)
2 Corvettes	(1-Scrapped/Life Support/Main Drives, 1-Power Core

Commendation Requests
Ship:	"Strength and Speed"
Unit:	Pilots of Killercraft Flight 226
Award:	Silver Swords
Cause:	Valor and honor attacking the Hu'man DN

Ship:	"LightYear"
Unit:	ALL
Award:	Silver Claw
Cause:	Valor and honor for using itself to shield the flagship from a
missile salvo

Ship:	"Hunter's Hammer"
Unit:	Gunnery Crew #2
Award:	Diamond Spear
Cause:	Exceptional skill disabling a Hu'man Missile Cruiser

Ship:	"First Strike"
Unit:	Damage Control Teams 2 and 3 
Award:	Silver Claw
Cause:	Saving "Hunter's Hammer" by attaching Life Support feed between

Respectfully Submitted,
1st Rank Stalk Commander Kr'rt, 1st Talon Wz'Zel fleet

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