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Re: [FT] Assembly and Storage

From: Tony Francis <tony@g...>
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 1999 14:04:25 +0000
Subject: Re: [FT] Assembly and Storage

"Barton, Jeff" wrote:

> Excuse me if this has been covered before here (which I'm sure it has
> some great extent), but I'm new to FT and the list, and had a couple
> quick questions:
> 1.  What is the best way to glue on the bases so that the ship is

Everyone has their own ways of doing things - I use GW bases and remove
the top
(narrow) bit. I then drill a 3mm diameter hole in the ship's underside
epoxy or superglue (depending upon model size) the base. I still have a
few of
the old black octagonal bases that came with spacefleet which I bought
that game first came out - these are ideal for larger (BB and up) ships.
keep the ship upright while the glue sets, I find Humbrol enamel paints
are almost the perfect height for propping up a model and preventing

> I've purchased 4 fleets (ESU, FSE, NSL, Sa'Vasku), and I am now trying
> assemble them.
> 2.  What does everyone use to store their ships?

Box files from a stationary shop padded with 2" thick foam from a
hardware shop
- £2-£3 for the box, £5 for enoiugh foam to line four boxes. I cut
holes in the foam for each model. This takes a while but is worth it

> 3.  Do you need more than 1 of any ship type in your fleet?  I've
> 1 of each ship type in the 4 fleets I mentioned, but do I need more
that 1
> Superdreadnought in any given fleet?

At the bottom end of the size scale, yes definitely ! You can never have
escorts since they go 'pop' very quickly. At the top end, my main fleet
currently has 1 SDN, 1 CVA, 1 CVE and 4 BB which should all soon be
action together in a large game. These are about to be joined by another
2 DN,
2 BB and 1 or 2 CVL of different designs as soon as I get the moulds
sorted out

I'm lucky enough to belong to a wargames club that has all-day meetings
other weekend. You can have a HUGE game of FT if you've got seven hours
to play
in (10000 pts per side for this upcoming game).


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