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Re: NI/NAC AAR & Stealth

From: Laserlight <laserlight@c...>
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 22:12:59 -0500
Subject: Re: NI/NAC AAR & Stealth

>     In the FT/MT/FB detection and targeting ARE identical.   All
>fuctions that function to control, detect, and direct weapons function

Well, no, although I grant you I don't see the sensor rules being
used much.

>One of the problems I have stated with the VERY generized 'stealth'
>that has been developed here is that it revises the building of ships.
>The concept even in the infant stages of development changes the
>rules and GIVES a LOCAL FCS to each and every weapon mount on the ship.
>A central FCS is no longer necessary to control, detect or direct the
>weapons.   Just throw the FCS away an mount more weapons.

Which is why I disagree with Oerjan's point of view

>     Also note that a ship while in 'stealth' mode would not be using
>search or target sensors, and therefore the 'stealth' ship cannot fire
>weapons while in 'stealth' mode.  JTL

Well, you could use passive sensors.  When you're ready, you can paint
target with your firecon and shoot.  He'll know that you're shooting,
it'll be a little late for him to do anything about it.  Stealth is good
sneaking up on your target.  Once he knows you're there, it's time to
to ECM jam mode (which I assume include spoofing)..

Noam said:
>> Offset arcs are primarily offensive in nature, to my analysis, but
>> certainly have use on the defense.
John L said:
>     Your opinion is a good as mine.  We will have to agree to disagree
I disagree! ... er ... I think offset arcs are best used on the
in the sense that the offender (grin) is usually the one who picks the
of engagement.	I haven't gotten into a close-range turning contest with
them yet, although I'd think they'd be good at that.  Sounds like Noam
actually uses them in the same way the Islamic Federation forces do, to
circling at long range.  This is still an offensive mode, just
instead of shock.  Skirmishers can win if they can maintain the range

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