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Re: More thoughts on Encyclopedia

From: devans@u...
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 10:04:22 -0600
Subject: Re: More thoughts on Encyclopedia

Thomas Anderson sez:
absolutely. all of those of you playing with psp, stop now! start making
lists of urls and writing paragraph-length descriptions. someone start
figuring out overall architectures.

mmm, architecture. i think someone has proposed a three-volume
organisation. i would expand it as follows:

In spite of limited experience with simple databases like Access and
Paradox, I'm not terribly good at understanding design. However, it
that the structure based on 'country' at the highest level most closely
mirrors what I'd expect to be the actual structure IF distributed data
across several web sites is the norm. Each non-book 'country' has one
proponent, and that person is most likely to do the work of putting the
info on a web site. Rather than worrying about 'propaganda', I recognize
it's power to get the work done. ;->=

However, if the links are fairly stable, another big if, and the
sites stick strictly to the lower levels of 'country' structure, the
structure would be easy to form as a series of links.

My concern becomes, again, that the canon GZG be separated somehow,
especially for those new to GZG's background. Looking at the RH list,
disturbed by references to NRE; in the same way, I would not do an NAC
timeline that included the Texaco Free Commercial District (yes, I keep
changing the name), but would have a TFCD timeline that included NAC
incidences. Mechanisms as simple as highlighting / color-coding are

If no one seconds the above concerns, I'll assume others find this
carping, I'll make it my last statement on this, as I seem to be in a
strict minority of one.


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