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Re: Fighter Missiles and such

From: "Jared E Noble" <JNOBLE2@m...>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 10:35:41 -1000
Subject: Re: Fighter Missiles and such

I agree that over-complicating the fighter rules too much will cause
FWIW, my fighter construction rules are mostly about combining existing
capabilities in any way you want - and then paying for them.  I did add
in Large
fighters (1.5 spaces, or 4 per group) that allow you to more easily
additional abilities, but offset by the fact that your squadron size is

Quick run-down of fighter frames:

Standard - nothing more to say
Heavy - same size & capacity, but built more solidly to absorb small
Large - umm, bigger.
Large Heavy - same as large, but built to the toughened level of Heavy

To understand Heavy fighters (at least, the way I understand them) They
_Unscreened_.  However they are more resistant to the lower-power PDS
normal fighters, but this level of protection is immaterial in stopping
weapons (C-batts, class-1 beams).  Analogous to the difference in
protection in a Huey vs Apache (supposedly resistant to 12.7mm
small-arms fire)
Hit either with a sidewinder and you are probably in for a nasty

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Subject:  Re: Fighter Missiles and such

>Too much.  Too many fighter types.  What I would suggest would be that
traditional fighters
>are changed to light fighters---no change in points or capabilities,
fighters are
>changed to medium fighters--again no change in points or capabilities,
a new heavy fighter
>with level two screen is created.

I'd say keep it as is, with "standard" and "heavy" fighters.  The real
seems to work that way, eg among American forces F16 and 18 are pretty
clearly Light, F15 and F14 are Heavy.  Now, I might agree with larger
craft--occupying twice the space of a normal fighter--for some purposes,
such as Large Attack or ECM birds, but I wouldn't let them get Screen 2,
much less 3 or 4.  How would you get Screen 4 on fighters when it isn't
available for ships?  Doesn't make sense to me.

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