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Re: Gaming backgrounds/scenarios

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Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 12:52:24 EST
Subject: Re: Gaming backgrounds/scenarios

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<< Your high school had Hispanic gangs?
 I'm trying not to engage in racial stereotypes - the NAC Hispanic
 population would, after over a century of NAC rule, probably be as
 or not as the population of the former United States. Fringe elements
 calling for independence for some decades-gone nation that most people
 hear about only in history books and their great-grandparents' stories,
 and the rest of the people trying to get on with life, more or less. On
 Santa Maria, the fringe seems to be encouraged by the LLAR, or factions

Yes, 90% of the population is hispanic, I would say that a third of
those are
agitaters, I think that it is posible that the NAC (err USA) state of
will go back to the LLAR (whoops, I guess I have been reading my FT
histroy to
much, I mean Mexico) soon, unless things change.
 Actually, it is kind of like Stephen's UBW. You set up a situation that
 will lead to military conflict of the desired nature (starfleets for
 Stephen's FT games, firefights for my DS2/SG2 group) and then apply the
 results of the games to your evolving history of the situation. I'm
 inspired in equal measure by Los' GZG fiction (for which a number of
 FT encounters were played out) and the recent 'Let's get together and
 Armageddon to change GZGverse history' thread. I've got a broad idea of
 the fate of Santa Maria colony, but if our games start going very
 differently I'll change the future...The nice thing about gaming a
 geurilla war is that no one fight is really going to decide things...
There going to want the colonies back, (and they brought 10 Ortilery
and 12Assault Transports) with the goals that the "artists" are trying
acomplish they are very simular.  It is the art work that is difrent.

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