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Re: FT Scenario ideas & OT

From: "Denny Graver" <cyberdruss@c...>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 14:50:39 -0000
Subject: Re: FT Scenario ideas & OT

>Just to point out (he said, admittedly somewhat miffed ^_- ) both the
>scenarios page and the subplots page at the geocities site have been up
>my Space Fleet website for a couple years.  Currently, the page is at:


And what a wonderful page it is! No offence meant! :)  I will make sure
list it  and your other excellent pages on my own fledgeling website.  I
currently working on links to various games, FT, DS and SG.  If anyone
has a
link they'd like to pass on to me, feel free - I've done a lot of dead
chasing recently and would rather have current addresses rather than
people's bandwidth.
>>looking at 'jump point' (where red is attacking blue's fleet as it
>>up), blue rolls each turn for the number of arriving squadrons. on a
1, 2
>>or 3 he gets none, on a 4 or 5 he gets one and on a 6 he gets two.
>>1,2,3->0;4,5->1;6->2. now where have i seen that mechanic before ...
>>methinks i spy an FT guy at work within the Evil Empire!

According to something I read recently, the number 6 is the perfect
in cabalistic circles as the numbers 1, 2 and 3 add up to 6, and 6 is
divisable by all of those numbers.  The normal use of '6' as the best
(as the high number) in most gameplay apart from SFB would suggest there
might be a dark gaming society at work and we should all be on our
Anyone who has rolled tops on an A battery/Class 3 at close range and
'The Omen' should know what I mean.

Got to go now, I know they are watching me.. the agents of the shadows

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