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Re: [SG2] Periscope (was: Urban combat)

From: Paul Lesack <lesack@u...>
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 10:25:46 -0800
Subject: Re: [SG2] Periscope (was: Urban combat)

Thomas Anderson wrote:

> i know the classical solution is to use an inverted periscope; place
> objective end (ie the front) on the mini's head / turret and look into
> eyepiece for a mini's-eye view. periscopes can be made from the tube
in a
> roll of kitchen towels and a pair of small mirrors. this is named
> someone, but i forget who. i think the laser pointer idea was better,
> though.
> if you fitted a camera to the periscope, kept the players outside the
> with the minis and had an umpire with the 'scope, then you could get
> fantastic fog-of-war effects ...
> Tom

I use one of these periscopes in conjunction with a laser
pointer. I don't think you could get more accurate LOS. The
periscope is great, but it tends to slow the games down because
everyone is constantly admiring the scenery.

My favourite: "Look at that ambush! I can't believe you walked
into that"

Plans for the periscope are available from Major General
Tremorden Rederring's page (a must-see even if you don't play

The fancy 40K (hiss. . .) version is available at:

I recommend that everybody have this periscope, if only for
aesthetic reasons. You spent all your time painting, you might as
well admire your work.


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