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Re: [FT]Twilight Imperium Campaigns

From: Christopher Pratt <valen@g...>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 09:47:45 -0500
Subject: Re: [FT]Twilight Imperium Campaigns

Andrew & Alex wrote:
> Christopher Pratt wrote:
> >As for the tech tree, I'll have to take a look at it tonight
> >and see what I can come up with
>     Remember that in TI, cruisers can move two hexes, carriers and
> dreadnoughts only one hex. Later in the tech chart, carriers improve
to two
> hexes, later on carriers and cruisers move three hexes, while
> move two hexes. The faster movement allows big changes in star fleet
> position. So these abilities would probably have to go in a FT
> game/campaign.
>     Alternatively, perhaps we could do it by percentages. For a
> counter, 50+% of the fleet's point value must consist of light
vessels, with
> "light" to be decided upon later. A carrier counter, 50+% of the
> value must be carriers. Similarly for the dreadnoughts, 50+% must be
> vessels.
>     Light could be <40MASS. Heavy could be >60MASS. What do you think?

There's an Idea...
the cruiser icons could represent scout or patrol fleets,
the dreadnought Icons would represent a battle line
squadron, and the carrier icon could represent fleet
auxiliary craft (transports, and tenders, etc...) we could
use the icons upside down to play in a double blind mode...

the other thing I thought of doing is to discard the TI
rules and use the space hexes to make a sector map for an
operational level Campaign.  In this mode, you can assign
the hexes in any way you wish to represent the worlds
available in you sector.  Then assign a fixed number of
ships (perhaps from the tuffleyverse) ignore R&D for the
purposes of this campaign and go at each other.

hope this get those creative juices flowing

christopher pratt

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