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[SGII] Figures for sale.

From: Scott Spieker <scspieker@n...>
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 21:59:03 -0500
Subject: [SGII] Figures for sale.

	I know this is not the place to be putting sale items up, but I
many GZG and other 25mm sci-fi figures for sale or trade.  If you are
seriously interested, please drop me a line and I will send you a list
of what I have and in what conditions (paint jobs) they are in.  I am
playing SGII with 15mm figures and so the 25mm figures will be forfeit
for the preferred 15mm scale.

	In trade I am looking for a clean trade - my stuff for your
stuff type
of deal.  If you have some interesting items, I will be happy to trade
and take cash (who wouldn't.) if the deal is not even enough.  Likewise,
I would do the same in reverse, I pay you and my 25mm figures, if the
deal was good.	Here are some of the items that I am interested in for

	15mm items:

	15mm sci-fi
	15mm Modern (preferred)
	15mm Ancients (DBM sized armies & rules books, army lists)
	15mm AK-47 armies & Rules
	15mm W.W.II figures and vehicles
	15mm Fantasy armies (any)

	Vietnam era figures & rules (any scale)

	Of course 15mm buildings, and terrain etc. would also be

	Micro Armor - Planes, vehicles, infantry, terrain, etc.  (I will
accept painted items in this range though.  They are easy to paint, but
there are too many for me and my limited time frame.)

	Otherwise, I would be happy to accept cash for the figures as
Please respond to my address privately to avoid bandwidth waste:

Scott Spieker

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