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Re: Stargrunt/Dirtside

From: Jason Stephensen <J.Stephensen@m...>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 12:17:15 +1000
Subject: Re: Stargrunt/Dirtside

At 08:47 PM 1/20/99 EST, you wrote:
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><< Bottom line: buy them both if you can. They're both very excellent
> well worth some time and cash.
> Comments always welcome.

I concur absolutely. Especially for SG2. I was very disillusioned with
squad based sci-fi games. SG2 got me interested again with a passion.
figures are a) cheaper then almost all others b) look better then almost
all others and c) actually look realistic, a failing of almost all other
minnies of the same scale. 

As for the rules, after a simple introduction they are easy to pick up
play. They make far more sense to me, and sensible rules tend to kill
arguments away. At least for me. 

The only failing for SG2 is the scenario base of it. You need someone to
create the scenario and to try to make it reasonable or fair. One or the
other. Mind you this is also one of it's greatest strengths. No more of
those senseless stand 'em up and shoot games the other companies seem
bent of playing.

> Brian (
> -- --DS2/SG2/misc--
>Okay, I think that I'll take you advice, assuming that I get the raise
>I'm up for at the end of the month.  On a side note I have gotten a few
>combat games, altho I stile play all of them FT is the one that I play
>most, no checking rules when I want to fire a pulse torp at 7"!
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