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Re: [FT] Huge games? Yikes!!

From: -MWS- <Hauptman@c...>
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 17:42:02 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: [FT] Huge games? Yikes!!

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Thomas Barclay wrote:
> -MWS- spake thusly upon matters weighty: 
> My group plays weeknights, usually after work, after pizza, after 
> warming up with some card games of various natures. So we don't 
> usually get spooled up till 7:30 or later and we usually finish 
> around midnight. 

Since we're currently playing after work at a local game store, we
get going around 6:30 or 7:00 and end around 9:00 - for some odd reason
like closing up on time. :)


>> The games that I find myself playing tend to be on the small size -
500 to
>> 1000 points (fleet book) per side.  Part of that *is* determined by
>> game time - I'm normally limited to gaming after hours during the
week, so
>> our normal maximum game length is in the 2.5 to 3 hour range.
> That would suggest battles of 10-20 ships per side. 

Err - no.  Try more like 3 to 6 ships per side.  1000 points doesn't buy
much using Fleet Book design rules.  For instance, the last 1000 pt game
I was
in (last week), I had 3 ships total:

  1 CVE: 110 mass, 442 pts, 3 fighter groups (1 hvy, 2 std), 1 Class 2
	 2 Class 1 6-arc, 2 FiCon, 4 PDS, level 1 shields, 4 thrust
  1 BC:  108 mass, 383 pts, 1 fighter group (std), 2 Class 3 3-arc, 2
Class 2
	 3-arc, 2 Class 1 6-arc, 3 FiCon, 3 PDS, level 1 shields, 5
	 4 thrust
  1 CL:  52 mass, 175 pts, 1 Pulse Torp 1-arc, 2 Class 2 3-arc, 2 Class
	 6-arc, 2 FiCon, 2 PDS, level 1 shields, 4 armor, 4 thrust

See?  Not really a lot you can buy with only 1000 pts.	My opponent had
only 4
ships - he took stock FSE ships (1 BB, 1 BC, 2 DD), and if I hadn't been
rolling demon dice that night (I used up 2 months worth of "roll 6s"
he would have won rather handily.  1000 pts will normally buy you 1
capital ship (BB/BC), a couple of cruisers, and a pair of tin cans if
you are

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