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Re: [FT] SMLs, Type 3 & Tactics

From: Alan E & Carmel J Brain <aebrain@d...>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 00:27:12 +1000
Subject: Re: [FT] SMLs, Type 3 & Tactics

John M. Atkinson wrote:

> I use either mostly SMLs or None At All.

>  And you got
> the High Space Fleet, which is packed to the gills with SMLs.  I
> a battle recently where it was 6K vs 6K, and I provided one half of
> side.  I had 14(?) SMLs in my half of the fleet, and my younger
> brought another 3.  Plus we had a total of 12 fighter groups out
> 10 of them in my brother's alotment of points.  Sick, ain't it? 

Obviously your definition of "loaded to the gills" is different from
I recently had a game, 2750 pts a side, basically a tactical exercise
for two players for Cancon 99
 ( see for details )

Anyway... in order to test out my opponent's NSL fleet, I took a fleet
of 1 Jeanne D'Arc, 1 Suffren, 1 Jerez, 6 Triestes, and 9 Mistral-SMRs.
That's 19/10/1 SMLs and 7 fighter groups. In 2760 vs 7000 pts.

No SMLs failed to be within range of 6" of an enemy (11 launchers
survived to fire), but alas I still lost (narrowly) due to a few
mistakes on my part, and a superior enemy admiral. OTOH the enemy fleet
WAS deliberately optimised vs FSE. 

Anyway.... Sick is a 6K pt fleet of 120 or so Mistral-SMRs.   

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