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Re: [DSII] Point defence...

From: Brian Burger <burger00@c...>
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 01:24:52 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: [DSII] Point defence...

On Sun, 10 Jan 1999, Andrew & Alex wrote:

> >
> Do you read this:
>     "P(k) near 1 at 5 kms"
> Probability of kill "near 1 at 5 Km"?
>     PDS ranges of 5KM? Ack! Nearly automatic kill?

Thought that's what that meant - wow. 'Course, it _is_ a speed-of-light

>     I think if you fired enough strix or copperhead, mixed with
> conventional, perhaps, you would flood it's defences. 

That would probably take one heck of a lot of shells/targets. Still,
are other ways - 'jamming shells' that split into several pieces,
each having roughly the same basic signature as a regular shell?

> We could model THEL (Turreted High Energy Laser?)

Tactical High Energy Laser

> in DSII by using twin HEL
> for ZAD/ADS using the rules on my site. That would give HEL range to
> ZAD/ADS. Adjust the size of the HEL to suit the desired degree of
> The conventional rules in DSII of one attack per GMS, aerospace or
> vehicle would probably stay in effect.

Sounds interesting - say, HEL/2, in ADS mount. Perhaps give a die shift
for THEL-ADS (SUP d12, EHN d10, BAS d8) and fairly expensive. Used as a
normal ADS for anti-GMS work, impacting as a standard HEL for
anti-VTOL, and using the above quality die as usual for actual
anti-aerospace ADS fire?

Ground fire by THEL would be as usual for HEL/2 - the ADS mode would
to be switched off, of course.

What about anti-SLAM fire? Perhaps a SLAM target inside the envelope of
THEL has all impact die dropped one?

And anti-artillery THEL? Harder...try all fire drops one level of chit
color? Ummmm (my DS2 rules aren't right here...) if you'd normally draw
& Y, now only R. If normal is only R, only Y instead...forget it, that
won't work the way I'd intended it to. Anyone else?

Brian (

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