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Re: [DSII] Point defence...

From: Laserlight <laserlight@c...>
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 01:19:28 -0500
Subject: Re: [DSII] Point defence...

> I suppose now would be a good time to point out that Defense
> Contractors[1] rate just between Used Car Salesmen and Lawyers in
> overall honesty.  Sure, pay me $16 Billion, and I'll promise the Sun,
> Moon, and Stars too.	By the time you find out it doesn't work, I'll
> have cashed the check.
>  >>
>I disagree with your statement about most Defense contractors. Your
>at home and abroad is only as good as the last sale you made. Most
>the industry go overboard to the point of cutting into margin (profit)

Welll, yes and no.  I sell to the government myself, so I know somewhat
which I speak.
a) Our margins sure aren't low, unless we know we have to cut them to
the job.  Usually we don't have to, and 40% is common.
b) On the other hand, we are always willing to give advice on how they
make it cheaper and better--if they'll listen to us and not what an
spec'd in sometime in 1954.  We are scrupulously honest about
characteristics, and we generally ship early or on time.

Now, does my experience go for everyone?  No, obviously not.  I do think
that the average company selling to the government tends to regard it as
opportunity to do a decent job, and get well paid for doing it.

(In case anyone is interested, I sell industrial plastics.  John, when
finally get that Hummer-mounted mine detector, they'll buy the
from me).

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