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Re: [FTFB] "Needle" fighters?

From: Laserlight <laserlight@c...>
Date: Sat, 09 Jan 1999 20:13:47 -0500
Subject: Re: [FTFB] "Needle" fighters?

>i see where you're coming from - this is the DS2 penetration rule!
>however, the chance of destroying a system is far too high. how about
>reversing the results, so you have a constant 1/6 chance of destroying
>and a varying chance of damaging. with only one fighter left, it's
>either destroy or fail, a suitably tense and operatic situation!

I agree on that point--maximize drama

>i can see your point - the trench run is about precision, not power.
>> Or do you?  Perhaps at these close ranges, small anti-fighter guns
are as
>> effective as larger anti-shipping weaponry. Could it be that the
>> is closely akin to dogfighting a ship?  The maneuvers to approach a
>> so closely as to guarantee that your attacks will not only penetrate
>> shields, but also be focused only on that system?  That would almost
>> suggest that Torpedo fighters couldn't do it, and that even attack
>> may not be very good at it.	What do you think?  Might interceptors
>> best trench fighters?
>no. for theoretical reasons - ship systems will have their own armour
>(like Harpoon's Critical Hit Protection), and so you need big guns, not
>rapid-fire light-weight stuff like an interceptor's. for game reasons -
>interceptors are for fighting fighters, atack fighters are for fighting
Right--trench runs are where you dive your big, ungainly attack craft in
point blank range, jinking and weaving as your buddies fall to enemy
interceptors and continuous laser bursts, paying the price in blood so
can jam a fusion-tipped payload right down his throat.	Let those
interceptor pilots brag about their scores against enemy fighters--when
comes time to hunt big game, you call for Attack.

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