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Re: [DSII] Point defence...

From: "John M. Atkinson" <john.m.atkinson@e...>
Date: Sat, 09 Jan 1999 17:49:47 -0500
Subject: Re: [DSII] Point defence...

> > >

> > TRW claims this system is ready to ship as soon as you pay for
> > it...anyone actually heard more of the system in actual use?
> This week's Jane's Defence Weekly has an advert for it, and I skimmed
> through a notice that Israel wants to deploy it early this summer - or
> something like that. I didn't have time to read it thoroughly, though

> But even so - if the THEL lives up to its claims, it is *more*
> than the DSII ADS, being able to stop SLAM and long-range rocket
> artillery...

I suppose now would be a good time to point out that Defense
Contractors[1] rate just between Used Car Salesmen and Lawyers in
overall honesty.  Sure, pay me $16 Billion, and I'll promise the Sun,
Moon, and Stars too.  By the time you find out it doesn't work, I'll
have cashed the check.	

I'd also point out that reliability on a nice, clean range under
controlled conditions, being operated by technicians, is one thing.

Reliability after it's been abused in the field under combat conditions
by an 18-year old private is a whole 'nother ball of wax.

John M. Atkinson

[1]Present Company Excluded, of course.

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