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Re: [FT] Split Arcs

From: DracSpy@a...
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 00:15:00 EST
Subject: Re: [FT] Split Arcs

In a message dated 99-01-06 17:54:31 EST, you write:

<< >Heh. This has come up with me before. I've found the SFB solution to
 >pretty well. Basically move each ship 'forward' (in whatever direction
 >happens to be travelling if you are using vector movement) an inch or
 >something and recheck the arcs. That's the arc which you get to fire
 Almost what I was trying to say, but stated much better.  The one
change I
 would make is to move the ships back, not forward.  Why?  Because while
 firing takes place at the end of the move in game terms, it makes more
 sense to me to measure arcs based on the flight paths taken during the
 (when, theoretically at least, the ships _could_ have fired), rather
 projecting into the future.  Proportional distances just because... >>

I think that that is better then the "book" way of doing it.

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