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A Call to Arms (Spoilers)

From: "Mark A. Siefert" <cthulhu@c...>
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 1999 23:40:54 -0600
Subject: A Call to Arms (Spoilers)

Hello Everyone:

Spoiler Space for those who gotta wait:

	OK, just a few FT/EFSB related thoughts on A Call To Arms:

The Victory Class Destroyer:

	Armor:	I would say this thing would use the KV armor rules. 
Level 2
for pulse weapons.  Adds an additional -2 to HBW and Minbari beam weapon

	Maneuvering:  Pretty good for a capital ship.  Thrust 5-6

	Minbari Neutron Lasers:  This appears to be the standard
armament of
the Victory.:  Four cannons in front, at least two turreted fore and
aft.  Rear weapons were mentioned though we didn't see what kind they

	THE BIG HONKIN' GUN:  A nasty looking weapon.  I'd say it was a
10 (!) EFSB HBW, recharge rate is the same as a non-minbari beam
system.  The gun can't be fired until it  The ship can not do ANYTHING
(maneuver, use weapons/systems) the turn
after it was fired.  It's a sitting duck.

The Warlock:
	Where's the Warlock?  There was supposed to be a Drahk
	We got a glimpse of an unfamiliar missile firing ship and an new
racing out of the Death Cloud with the Omegas and the Excaliber. 
However, we don't know if these were the same ship, much less the

	More after, I've watched my tape a few more times.

Mark A. Siefert

	"It wasn't a battle, it was a lint bath."
				--From a local blood bank PSA.


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