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Re: [SG] [DS] Leadership values

From: "John M. Atkinson" <john.m.atkinson@e...>
Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999 20:01:52 -0500
Subject: Re: [SG] [DS] Leadership values

Denny Graver wrote:

> Fortunately for you I have't played yet, so my counters are unpunched

OK, taking this mostly off the SGII tables, this turns fairly well into
a d20 table.  Differences here between SG and DS are pretty minimal.

	1	2	3
Red	1-8	10-16	18+
Orange	1-7	8-15	16+
Blue	1-6	7-14	15+
Green	1-5	6-14	15+*
Yellow	1-6	7-14	15+
* Fudged, should really be 16+	I refused to believe green troops would
have a higher percentage of 1&2 than regular troops.  

This is rough-and-ready, but says some things.	Elite troops have good
leaders.  This only makes sense.  However, among veteran-greens, we have
almost the same percentages of total incompetents, and only slight
differences among the numbers of really good troops.

The suprise is in the Yellow, or untrained, range band.  We find the
same percentages of good officers as in regular troops.  The only
explanation I find is that to get untrained mobs to stand up to regular
troops takes some damned charismatic individuals.  Interesting, no?

Anyway, this will likely end up on my webpage as the method I use to
determine unit leadership.  I've already got quality determined by a d10
roll, so both dice can be rolled at the same time and the appropriate
charts consulted.


So far, so good.

John M. Atkinson

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