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RE: GZG Future History

From: Nathan Pettigrew <nathanp@M...>
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 13:18:46 -0800
Subject: RE: GZG Future History

	Are there more or different historical timelines in Dirtside or
Stargrunt than the ones in Full Thrust and More Thrust?  

	If they are different, could someone with DS or SG post them or
email them to me, if it's OK with Jon (GZG)?  I'm working on a bit of
fiction based in the official history and want to make sure that I'm not
missing any big events.

	Thank you kindly,

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> Sent: Monday, November 23, 1998 5:09 PM
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> Subject:	Re: GZG Future History
> >	As several list members have pointed out, my  putting onto the
> >GZG's "history" as typed up from the FT2 & MT  books, is almost
> >a contravention of copyright as it was done without	their
> I
> >apologise to them for doing this & will withdraw the  offrending
> document,
> >pending receipt of their approval, if given.   Meanwhile, can
> >send me an email address for them? so  I can ask their permission (&
> a
> >large portion of humble  pie)   Colin
> I'm here on the list, Colin - or you can email me direct at:
> I don't have an objection to you having the background text on the web
> (this permission is "without predjudice", as the lawyers say, so
> to
> this case only) provided it is accompanied by suitable copyright
> statements
> and explanantion of where it comes from. As several people have
> already, permission should certainly have been asked first, but we
> send round the boys with the baseball bats this time.... <grin>.
> I should have responded to the earlier posts about this, but I've been
> behind with reading all the email that I've only just caught up with
> thread.
> As I've had to state several times before, we DO object to bits of the
> actual RULES (of any of the games) being posted, for fairly obvious
> commercial reasons. Aside from that, I try to be as reasonable as
> while still protecting the rights that allow us to stay in business!
> Jon (GZG)

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