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Re: FT: Fuel

From: Donald Hosford <hosford.donald@a...>
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 15:59:37 -0500
Subject: Re: FT: Fuel

Colin Nash wrote:

>  This has probably been discussed on the list before, I joined it, but
> what do spaceships use for fuel in the "official" GZG universe? I
> thought that it would probably be skimmed from gas giants, ala
> Traveller, but wouldn't that mean that there would be (at least
> partially) streamlined tankers/fleet auxiliaries out there, & I've
> never seen a mention of them anywhere.  What do the collective you use
> in your histories/campaigns? Colin

Could the various military ships be nuclear powered?  It would let the
fleets manuever for a few years without worring about fuel.  Also has
the problem of there being only a few sources available....sounds like a
great source of battles...8D

Donald Hosford

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