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RE: [SG2] [Traveller] VRF Gauss Rifle Question...

From: Michael Brown <mkkabrow@w...>
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 17:37:54 -0800
Subject: RE: [SG2] [Traveller] VRF Gauss Rifle Question...

I like option 3.  Could you and Thomas send me any collected notes off


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Hi, gang.

Another Traveller conversion question. 

Tom Barclay and I have been discussing Traveller conversions for SG2.
both going about it from two different angles, so there should be an
interesting discussion when we are both done.

I had a question about VRF Gauss Rifles. In Striker, it appears that
there is
only one kind of crewed weapon known as the VRF Gauss Rifle. This seems
to be
the same weapon whether or not it is mounted on a vehicle.

Now, in converting the weapon to SG2, I've left it pretty much the same
as the
gauss support weapon in the SG2 rules (FP D10, Impact D12). This
to the vehicle mounted GAC/1 (with an impact of D12). However, you can
mount a GAC/2. This would have an Impact of D12 x 2. This makes a
amount of sense, but doesn't exist in Traveller.

Here's the question: which of these three solutions would you prefer?

1) All VRF Gauss Rifles correspond to GAC/1s, even vehicle mounted.
2) All VRF Gauss Rifles correspond to GAC/2s, even squad utilized
This would give the squad a NASTY support weapon with FP D10, Impact D12
x 2.
3) Use both GAC/1s and GAC/2s. Assume that the GAC/2 is an upscaled VRF
Rifle at about tech 11 or 12 in the Traveller universe.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Allan Goodall

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