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RE: [FT] Size of "Countries" in FT

From: Michael Brown <mkkabrow@w...>
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 13:15:01 -0800
Subject: RE: [FT] Size of "Countries" in FT

The List I used was posted to the mailer @6 months ago.  I have it as a
file fi 
anyone is interested.  I believe Mr. Chung posted the original.

Mike Brown

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Michael spake thusly upon matters weighty:

What is CHView and what would the output be? JPG? GIF? Do you have
the current system list (and is it affected by anything Jon T just

> Months ago there was a list of systems for each power.  I started to
> in CHView and was wondering if anyone else had done this, or is
interested in 
> this.
> Mike Brown
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> At 23:33 26/11/98 -0000, you wrote:
> >	   I've put a quick  brain dump below	Major powers - NAC, ESU,
> >FSE - around  25-35 Secondary  powers - PAU, LLAR, IslamFed - around 
> >Third rate powers - RH, OU, FCT  IndCW - around 5-15 Others -
> >independents (Netherlands, Japan, etc) - upto 5	 Any other
> >out	there?	   That is how they will be ranked in  my (albeit GZG
> >universe.   Colin (Autocratic Supreme Being in his own tiny little 
> Would the secondary powers even be near the 25 system mark?  I suspect
>  Especially not the LLAR.
> As for the size of the colonised sphere well there may be 120 colonies
> there but not all will be heavily populated.	The main example most
> use is that of the NAC capital New Albion which is still only the size
> the UK (60 million or so by todays count).
> This is surely one of the biggest of the colonies.
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