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Loactions of Stars (was RE: [FT] Size of "Countries" in FT)

From: "Moody, Danny M." <DMoody@b...>
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 12:28:22 -0600
Subject: Loactions of Stars (was RE: [FT] Size of "Countries" in FT)

On Friday, 27 November 1998 12:01, Thomas Barclay
[] wrote:
> Michael spake thusly upon matters weighty: 
> What is CHView and what would the output be? JPG? GIF? Do you have 
> the current system list (and is it affected by anything Jon T just 
> contributed?)

"ChView is intended as a three-dimensional aid to: viewing some of the
nearer stars of our galaxy; navigating the distances between them;
accessing basic information (and updating what we know); and, hopefully,
having some fun. Data files updated to Hipparcos distances currently
provide nearly 8,500 stars and other celestial objects believed to lie
within 150 light-years (ly) of Earth, in a 300-ly diameter sphere.
Future plans include modules for selecting a star (or multiple star
system) and, based on available data and known astronomical
relationships, for creating your own star system (of planets, moons,
asteroids, Kuiper belt, Oort cloud/cometary halo, and even human
colonies or space communities), for voyaging in faster-than-light (FTL)
"starships", and the like."
It can be found at

The latest CHView data files use the Hipparcos data - the most recent
and most accurate wrt distances and location of stars.

This is a listing of all stars <10 ly from Terra:

>From		      To		   Distance
Earth-Sol	     Proxima Centauri	  4.22214
Earth-Sol	     A. Centauri3	  4.45703
Earth-Sol	     Barnard's Star	  5.98041
Earth-Sol	     Wolf 359		  7.782
Earth-Sol	     Lalande 21185	  8.30947
Earth-Sol	     Sirius2		  8.61066
Earth-Sol	     Luyten 726-8	  8.78784
Earth-Sol	     Ross 154		  9.69588

None of them, except for ACent, would make really good sites for
habitable planets. 

At 15ly, you get a only couple useful systems (Tau Ceti, 61 Cygni).
At 25ly, you get a good number (Xi Ursae Majoris, etc), maybe about a
dozen and a half.

So, I would postulate this (assuming that most worlds are earth-type (to
allow more DSII games)):

Core Worlds:
	Sol (G2V)
	Centaurus (G2V)
	Barnard's Star (M3V)

Inner Colonies: (out to about 25ly from Sol)
	Beta Hydri (G1IV)
	61 Cygni (K3V)
	Tau Ceti (G8V)
	Delta Pavonis (G5V)
	82 Eridani (G5V)
	Procyon (F5V)
	Xi Bootis (G8V)
	Xi Ursae Majoris (G0V)
	...and others

Outworlds: (worlds beyond 25ly from Sol)
	...other worlds

It would not be to difficult to whip up a CHView file with systems
labled for FT.	The only question that realy needs to be answered is:
what is the speed/endurance of FT's FTL drives?

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