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RE: [SG2] EW & Artillery

From: "Glover, Owen" <oglover@m...>
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 09:46:05 +1000
Subject: RE: [SG2] EW & Artillery

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Subject: RE: [SG2] EW & Artillery

>OTOH, artillery calls represent more that just the radio call - they
>represent that, giving the battery accurate co-ordinates, and getting
>battery to devote it's attention to those co-ordinates. If the EW sys
>garbles even part of that communication, then the fire isn't coming
>"sir, the fire co-ordinates 2 Plt just passed on are for a spot in the
>middle of the lake!""Jamming again, wait until you get clear
>co-ordinates...or that fool Lt can't read his PCC's map worth a

Good points for both arguments. 

I'd agree for playing a game where only one side has EW but then again
only one side has EW assets; ie ECM or jamming, then it really WILL be
for the guys without EW assets providing ECCM. If you want to balance
game then both sides should be using EW teams and in that case the ECCM
to out spoof the ECM!! 

If you are playing a set scenario then just carefully plan the amount of

Scenario: SF team are tasked with night raid to destroy Ortillery Ground
Control Facility. Enemy Security Forces have Mortar Platoon on
for Illum and Defensive Fire tasks. SF team includes EW support in form
decoy/jammers. Smug enemy commander thinks he can pin/smear any
infiltration/sabotage attempts through use of "superior" fire-power and
artillery! One of the SF teams is compromised by dog handler team. Smug
Security Force Commander requests Illumination in area - oh only static.
Calls Ready Reaction Force to cut off SF team - oh, more static. Lots
gun fire accompanied by loud explosions and pretty fireworks. 15 minutes
later the communications are back up - oh, its the Regional Commander
advising the you of you new posting effective immediately to security of
County's Sewage Treatment Facility....................

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