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Re: [SG2] EW & Artillery

From: Adrian Johnson <ajohnson@i...>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 12:17:15 -0500
Subject: Re: [SG2] EW & Artillery

>Brian spake thusly upon matters weighty: 
>> It makes sense that fire-support calls should be jammable. After all,
>> you can cut your opponent off from the support he was counting on and
>> which multiplied his force, then you've got a large edge. Perhaps
>> _two_ rolls, one a standard Communication roll (therefor jammable) to
>> contact the fire-support element, then an Artillery roll to convince
>> battery CO to use up his precious rounds after you've got him on the
>> Opinions, comments, ideas anyone?
>Is there not a way this can be done in one roll? 
>Checks his recollection: 
>Comms is quality vs higher of leadership. Arty call 
> at quality to exceed my leadership as the calling 
>unit? Why not just treat the call as jammable under standard rules? 
>(it really is a communications roll - to get in touch with the arty 
>and explain what you need). Actually, I always thought the transfer 
>actions option (being a comms roll) was jammable too. I don't see why 
>an extra roll should be required. (I'm being dense here, but maybe 
>someone will have a more cognizant exposition of why this can or 
>cannot be done in one roll).	

"Transfer actions" is jammable by ew.  So is calling for support, and
firing guided weapons like GMS.  EW has four possible types of actions
SG2 - I looked it up over the weekend but forget the exact details.

Like Owen said - the artillery roll is a form of "communication" roll. 
EW jamming of this, the EW roll has to beat the roll calling for
It doesn't matter if the support roll is successful vs. its own target -
the EW roll is higher, the support request doesn't get through.


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