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[SG2] EW & Artillery

From: Brian Burger <burger00@c...>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 00:39:51 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [SG2] EW & Artillery

We had a situation come up in tonight's Stargrunt game that requires
clarification - I thought I throw it out to the list.

The scenario was an encounter battle between a four-squad regular
platoon (wih a light tank along) and a two-squad PA platoon. In the
the PA got massacred, but here's the question: The regular infantry had
artillery battery they could call on for massive fire support. The PA
an Electronics Warfare specialist, partly to balance the massive
available by jamming and thus making it unavailable.

We quickly discovered, however, that there are _no_ rules for EW jamming
of fire-support calls. Calling fire support uses a different game 
mechanism from regular communication rolls, such as those used by
squads attempting to pass activations to squads.

It makes sense that fire-support calls should be jammable. After all, if
you can cut your opponent off from the support he was counting on and
which multiplied his force, then you've got a large edge. Perhaps
_two_ rolls, one a standard Communication roll (therefor jammable) to
contact the fire-support element, then an Artillery roll to convince the
battery CO to use up his precious rounds after you've got him on the

Opinions, comments, ideas anyone?

(The 'massive fire support' in our game was a pair of light rocket
artillery launchers, firing light mortar-sized GPE rounds, usually three
at a time. If you make your artillery roll, and want to, you can also
volley up to _twelve_ rounds at the same target at once. Nasty, and the
reason for the EW involvement.) (and yes, this light rocket arty system
a sort of light-Katyuska system - inspired by, anyway)

Brian (
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