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RE: Kra'vak Armour & Railguns II

From: "Robertson, Brendan" <Brendan.Robertson@d...>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 17:07:19 +1100
Subject: RE: Kra'vak Armour & Railguns II

Just had another thought: (2 in 5 minutes, *wow*)
Kravak Railgun damage works along a similar system to beam damage when a
hit is scored, with KV armour working the same as screens against it
Armour 0: 1-3 = normal; 4-5 = double; 6 = triple (no rerolls)
Armour 1: 1-4 = normal; 5 = double; 6 = triple
Armour 2; 1-4 = normal; 5-6 = double.

Class-1 damage: 1.66 ave
Class-2 damage: 3.33 ave
Class-3 damage: 5.00 ave
Class-4 damage: 6.66 ave

This would make it more attractive to use larger railguns.  Previous
thoughts have left no incentive to upgrade from class-1 railguns due to
law of averages.
It would then come down to upping the mass & points to balance against

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From:	Sean Bayan Schoonmaker []
As for the doubling ideas, I think that we still have to figure out how
want them to do damage before we figure out how this protects from it.

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