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Railgun Goals II

From: Sean Bayan Schoonmaker <schoon@a...>
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 21:45:42 -0800
Subject: Railgun Goals II

Hello all,

I've sifted through most of the day's discussion, and I think that we're
generally agreed on two points (with a few dissidents ;-) These two are
actually the easiest to implement as well.

1) Damage should be constant, without regard to range.

2) Firing arcs should be very limited to preserve the K'V "feel."

That leaves us with the "To Hit" mechanic and the mass vs cost stuff to
hash out.

a) I'm pretty sure that my original idea for a "to hit" scheme was dead
wrong - oops. As I understand it, people want a mechanic different from
Beams - very different. OK fine. I take it that my later suggestion of
rolling "beam" dice and using the number of hits as a basis for a damage
multiplier went over like a sack of mouldy cheese. So I guess I need
from some one out there with a better understanding of the problem.

b) I've been swayed towards the heavier mass camp, but I'd pefer them to
not be too massive, if only so we can keep somewhat close to the flavor
the MT designs. I must stress again that these systems must be balanced
avoid the problems that MT caused.

Once we've hashed out the "to hit" and damage, the mass and cost will
into place by balancing against beam batteries. So I say that we stress
that aspect of the discussion.


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