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FTFB class-4/5 beams anyone?

From: Charles Choukalos <chuckc@b...>
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 10:24:05 -0500
Subject: FTFB class-4/5 beams anyone?

Okay, who was it that was saying that class-4+ beams were useless?  I'm 
sure about their practicality either, but I was playing around with
of running a star wars style campaign.	So far, I've played a couple of 
games and they have been indecisive so far ( The Rebel ships go boom way

too often ), but
we decide to set up a scenerio similar to the Return of the Jedi 
battle... The Rebels have to fight to destroy the evil empire ... yada 
yada yada yada...

Anyway, here it is.......  If anyone gets a chance to play around with
be curious to hear what you think of the class-4/5 beams in use on the 
freighters.  They have a lot of stand of firepower in the Rebel fleet, 
but to
acomplish that they give up a lot in durability and speed.  Anyway, just

thoughts.  Oh, experience with the fighter carriers has made us up most
them to carrier status, and even increase the fighter launch/recovery
to give them some chance.  This gives them a fighting chance, but for
part you need to have some serious durability for carriers to survive 

"Rebel Scenerio's

#1:	"He's At it again ..."

	Rebel Forces
	Think converted Civilian craft with a few ff's/dd types.
	lots of fighters and long range Armement.

	Bennington  - bulkcarrier var#1
	Ethan Allen - bulkcarrier var#2
	Rutland     - FleetAux var#3
		    - Hvy freighter var#2
		    - "
		    - Hvy Freighter var#1
		    - fleet Aux var#1
		    - fleet Aux var#2
		    - "
	3* (NSL) FF's
	2* (ESU) Warsaw DD
	(all fighters are normal or interceptors -> players decision)

	NAC Forces
	5000 pts worth of NAC/NSL ships

	NAC forces at one end o'table, speed = 0, facing any
	(They're just sitting there picking their noses)

	Rebel forces at opposite end o'table, speed = 6, facing NAC


	Think "Return of The Jedi".  Silly Rebels just Want to Anhilate 
	opposing forces.  Both sides will retreat if they lose more then
	50% of their forces.

	Victory Conditions

	Okay Tough Guy..... The rebels want to kick ass, but lets face
	their ships suck.  They don't care about fighters and the 
	are not too big a deal, but still a pain to replace.  The bulk
	carrier warships and the military hulls are just a bad thing to 

	Decisive Victory     = Route the Rebel attacks, lose less 1/2 
	Significant Victory  = Route Rebel's
	Draw		     = both sides lose 1/2 forces or more
	Oops		     = Rebels win.... your head is on the

	Decisive Victory     = All military hulls intact, route the NAC 
	Significant Victory  = 1/2 military hulls intact, route the NAC 
	Draw		     = loss 1/2 fleet, lose all military hulls,
			       route NAC forces
	You're In trouble    = lose more then 1/2 fleet, all military 
			       flee system
	Execution time	     = lose entire fleet

	Historic Outcome

	? Don't know yet.... Conjecture only

	Special Ships
	(Replace Cargo/holds/passenger with weapons systems)
	Fleet Aux refits
	     ver#1 : 4 class-4 beams(fh),screen-1,+2 pdaf,+1 firecon
	     ver#2 : screen-2,+2 pdaf,+ adaf,+2 firecon,6*class-3 beams
	     ver#3 : screen-2,+2 pdaf,+adaf,+firecon,+4 sml(2*fh,rs,ls),
		     4*8space mags(2ER,1ST /each)
	Hvy Freighter refits
	     ver#1 : screen-2,+3 pdaf,7 fighterbays,cargo 5 mass,
		     carrier status
	     ver#2 : screen-2,+2pdaf,6 sml (2*fh,2*rs,2*ls),6*8space
		     (2 ER,1 STD/each),+3 firecons,2*class-1 beams
	BulkCarrier refits
	     ver#1 : screen-2,+3pdaf,+1 firecon,12 fighter bays,
		     2*class-3 beams(4arc/each),3*class-1 beams,
		     *Carrier status=> launch retrieve 4/turn
	     ver#2 : screen-2,+3pdaf,+2firecon,1*class-5 beam(f),
		     9*class-4 beams(5*fh,2*rs,2*ls)

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