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From: Jonathan White <Jw4@b...>
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 12:41:10 +0000
Subject: Re: Last Post

>people have expressed their happiness with the 'new list smell'; i must
>say i also like the feeling of being all but alone in the ghost of what

>was just a week a go a thriving community. it's like walking through
>ruins of Pompeii.
tell you what it reminds me of. I used to work for a firm that rent PA
systems out to stadiums & arenas for gigs etc. I used to go in the next
morning to rip all the stuff down and pack it back to the warehouse.

You'd walk into a big arena and it'd be silent. There'd usually be tons
litter on the ground - programmes and flyers and food cartons and
The really big covered places always had this wierd vibe about them,
you could still here the noise of the crowd in the back of your mind.

That's what posting this post right now feels like. Too strange.

"Information doesn't want to be free, it wants to be liberated and
Jonathan White, Psychology Section, Bolton Institute
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