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Re: FTFB General Question

From: Aaron Teske <ateske@H...>
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 23:14:14 -0500
Subject: Re: FTFB General Question

Just to sidle in on this, for the fun of it.  Or was that to poke fun at
Mark? ^_^

At 07:09 PM 11/24/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>> you have a sister??  ;-)
>>Yes, but if I'm like Boadicea then shes one of those soppy heroines
>>loves lace, flutters her eye lashes and twists her ankle at just the
>>moment :)
>Well....that's what the rope's for.  ;-)

Gee, Mark.  Subtle. ^_-

>>>Of course, I happen to also *like* p-torps, even if I can't hit the
>>>side of a barn with them most of the time.  ;-)
>>A man after my own luck. You and I should join forces some time - see
if we
>>can get the opposition to laugh themselves into submission :)
>>We could become the ultimate strike force....
>>"Ahhh I've got you now! What the hell do you mean I rolled 18

What's scary is, I've almost seen that out of Mark... though it's more
1's and 2's, maybe a couple 3's if he needs more than a 3+.  And what
hit, goes "tap!" ^_^

>Alright, we'll take on any and all comers! Anyone out there game to pit
>themselves before our awesome p-torp might?

Yo!  Just lemme get these beams revved up for the rerolls. ^_-

>>P.S. I've being dying to ask, you're not named after your dog are you?
>>(And you've either heard that one a 1000 times or you have no idea
>>movie I'm referring to. Sorry.)
>"The *dog*?? You were named after the dog??"
>"...I like the name Indiana."

That, and his quest for the Ark.  No, not that one, the other one. 
the Ark of the Covenant wouldn't involve scaling rock faces, just
through red tape to find and get into the warehouse. ^_-

>I think I've only heard it 998 times. Two more to go...  :-)


Nah, nevermind. ^_^

					Aaron Teske
A totally unprovoked attack on peaceful neighbors. Must be the race 
file. Does strange things.
		--Rick Kujecko, on the War Monger PRT in Stars!

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