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[FTFB] Fleet Book Kra'Vak

From: John and Roxanne Leary <realjtl@s...>
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 10:34:50 -0800
Subject: [FTFB] Fleet Book Kra'Vak

Sean Bayan Schoonmaker wrote:
> >Guys,
> >	Another possibility for the Kra'Vak would be:
> >Divide the number of hull boxes by five and consider the
> >first row to be the armor.
> I'd vote against this simply because it takes out some ship
> you couldn't make a Kra'Vak freighter without it being armored to the
     You are correct, I was not thinking in terms of 'civilian' ships.
However, the other side of the coin is: What if this is right?
What if the 'K' use a 'weak' but armored hull for the transport ships
assign to the support duties of the fleet and transportation services.
What if like 'COSCO' (Chinese Ocean Shipping Company) the 'civilian'
'K' ships are just an extension of the military transport service.
Statements exist in the background of the 'K' that infer that this
could be the case.   JTL
> Speaking of which... any comments on the Kra'Vak stuff I posted?
     Having pressed the right button (or wrong button is you prefer),
comments follow:
1)   I feel you have thought things out pretty well. (compliment)
2)   I have severe reservations about the usefulness of any one arc
     system.   (railgun in particular) 
     1) The 'To Hit' falls off with range, this is not true w/beams.
     2) As the 'To hit' increases the ability to keep the enemy in
	the 'effecive area' decreases.	(with 1 arc type 3)
      Note: the actual solution to this problem is to buy massive 
      numbers of type 1 railguns (since they have the same range and
      to hit as the type 3, and a larger fire arc.)  (The same is 
      true of beams, but the best is the type 2 in this case.)
     3) The damage 'reroll' rule makes it highly desireable to
	throw more dice.   This will generate more 6s, and therefor
	more rerolls, and therefor more damage.   JTL
> Schoon

     Before I close the 'Blast Doors', just remember that I do play
Kra'Vak.   I created and pushed the three to two Kra'Vak to Human
ratio concept (for FT2).  Perhaps I just feel that the FTFB didn't
really 'solve' any problems, it just made everything 'vanilla' and 
moved the problems to a new location.	JTL

     Actually, keep up the good work, it will take some time to
work out the bugs (it's a Joke).  

Bye for now,
John L.

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