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From: "Phillip E. Pournelle" <pepourne@n...>
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 15:13:56 -0800
Subject: GMS/P

	The Following is a repost to someones question about GMS/P:
	In the past I have posted several point systems to enable folks
to bridge
the gap between SG and DS as well as have a basis for designing forces
SGII so as to build a balanced game.  Understand that this is just a
generalized system and cannot compensate for a number of factors
hiding defenders, defensive positions, mismatch terrain etc...

Additonal Equipment

Type		Die		Cost
BAsic		D6		1.5
Enhanced	D8		3.0
Superior	D10		4.5

EW Systems
type		Die		Cost
Basic		D6		22
Enhanced	D8		45
Superior	D10		67
	You'll notice that this is a multiple of ECM systems.  If you
look at all
that EW can do in a SG game, you'd agree that its worth the price.

Drone System
type		Die		Cost
BAsic		D6		5
Enhanced	D8		6
Superior	D10		7

	The following chart shows the different missile systems for DSII
and the
costs associated with them.  Basically range costs .12 points per inch,
1.6666 per chit drawn.	For a Heavy missile 15 points per die shift up
D4, for a Light Missile 10 points per shift up from D4 and therefore for
Personal Missile 5 points per shift up from D4.  For the IAVR the system
unguided but at the extremely short range, guidance is unneccessary.
GMS/Air the die shift up from D4 is 15 points for each.

Guided Missile Systems
Type	Guidance	Range	Die	Impact		Cost
GMS/L	Basic		36	D6	3 chits 	20
	Enhanced	36	D8	3 chits 	30
	Superior	36	D10	3 chits 	40
GMS/H	Basic		48	D6	5 chits 	30
	Enhanced	48	D8	5 chits 	45
	Superior	48	D10	5 Chits 	60
GMS/P	Basic		24	D6	1 chit		8
	Enhanced	24	D8	1 chit		15
	Superior	24	D10	1 chit		22
IAVR			 4		2 chits 	4 or 1 per shot
GMS/Air Basic		48	D6	3 Chits 	26
	Enhanced	48	D8	3 chits 	41
	Superior	48	D10	3 chits 	56
	GMS/air can be used on ground vehicles but is designed to be
offensively against Aerospace and VTOL craft.  GMS/Air takes up four

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