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RE: DS2 Resins to FT or FTFB Mass

From: Thomas Anderson <thomas.anderson@u...>
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 22:33:31 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: RE: DS2 Resins to FT or FTFB Mass

On Mon, 23 Nov 1998, George,Eugene M wrote:
> From: 	Thomas
> Anderson[]
> > well, given that it costs the same as a platoon-size lander (6.50),
> > would guess that it is not supposed to be a proper navy frigate.
mind you,
> > the system defence gunboat is only 4.50, so that must be blinking
tiny ...

> Hmm... I hdn't thought about using a real price/ to size comparison.

i assume that the price reflects the quantity of resin used; of course,
it is a tricky mould then you have to factor in extra labour, greater
wastage, etc. generally, price is proportional to mass. this leads to an
interesting result: the mass of the model corresponds to the mass of the
ship you are modelling (it's a scale model, after all); the points value
of a ship under FB rules is basically proportional to its game mass.
this mean that the points value of a ship is proportional to its cost?
rather than playing a 4000 point fleet, a could field a 25 pound one, or
an 800 gram one. does this mean that when the FB rules for the KV come
out, and KV warships are (say) 50% more expensive, the models will have
premium too? gzg could be the first company to make their models not
scale models dimensionwise but pricewise too: a 5 pound battleship model

is a 5 million pound battleship ...

> > i always used to rate 1 mass at 1000
> > tonnes (until i read honor harrington and changed it to 100 000
> Yeah, I've yet to come up with a number that satisfies me as regards
> tonnages, but I'm also inclined towards bigness, precluding any PSB
> matter-energy-matter conversion with a modicum of efficiency.

the logic behind 1m = 1000T was that then a mass 40 battleship (as they
roughly were under ft2) was 40 000 tonnes, which is the size of a real
wet-navy battleship. i just thought along the Space Cruiser Yamato
i suppose.


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