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Re: Who's out there?

From: Tony Christney <acc@q...>
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 11:40:49 -0800
Subject: Re: Who's out there?

At 02:12 PM 11/23/98 -0500, Jerry wrote:
>Doesn't this remind you of the old days of the 'net, where you didn't
>have to stand in line for anything, and you actually had a chance of 
>knowing all the list members by name?

And you didn't have to suffer through endless advertisements for crap 
you don't want, from people you don't care to listen to, while spending 
valuable dollars downloading useless garbage...


<deep sigh>
Sometimes I wish I had an old text only version of NCSA Mosaic...

>And I'm only 25!  (8-)

I'm not much older at 26. And no, I didn't buy a damn thing on 
buy nothing day!


Now, to bring this back on topic, I recently made a very cool 
command bunker for 15mm SGII battles. The reason I mention this 
is because I used the plastic container from a new Apple Stylewriter
cartridge. It looks like a heavily reinforced concrete box. All 
I added was a door and a communictions tower (w/ arial and microwave 
antenna). Another cool computer bit to make terrain!

       Tony Christney

  "If the end user has to worry about how the program was 
   written then there is something wrong with that program"
				  -Bjarne Stroustrup

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