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Hats off. Stand at Attention.

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 14:22:57 -0500
Subject: Hats off. Stand at Attention.

In solemn remembrance....

The Last Post is played. The flag slowly unfurls. The orange sun 
sets, and fire lights the western skies of Tuffley-241. The arrayed 
ranks of crosses mark topics posted, explored, and demised. A silent 
vigil is held by row upon row of members, of all nationalities and of 
all dispositions. The normally fiesty Colonel Atkinson stands quietly 
beside his formation of NAC Royal Engineers. Captain Laurenco (Los to 
his friends) stands with the smallest formation, the most elite - The 
NAC Special Air Services of which he is a part. Mr. Siefert heads a 
unit of FCT Volunteer Rifles. Sergeant Major Glover stands behind his 
officer, looking like every Sergeant Major that has ever served with 
the Oceanic Union Line Infantry. The Scandinavian Federation is 
represented by Captain (N) Mikko and Captain (N) Ohlson, part of the 
massive fleet hovering over Tuffley-241 at the fading of the light. 
Capt. Murray stands before the newest NAC Colonial Marine formation.  
Amongst the arrayed masses of soldiers and sailors of the UN force 
are such names as Goodall, Burger, Wilkinson, Barclay, Gilsenan, 
Schoonmaker, Han, Kochte, McCarthy, Siedl, Nash, Johnson, Claridge, 
Walsh, Jones, Case, Moody, Winland, Crimmins, Lowrey, Arrowsmith, 
Leary, Szabo, Haun, Anderson, Izenberg, Noble, Qin, Paul, Shope, 
Cadwgan, Walker, Roberston, Brain, Brain, Wasserman and Fiset. 

The sunset combined with the smog in the upper atmosphere combine 
to make the sun look like it is setting fire to the sky. As the Last 
Post finishes, the flag is lowered slowly and saddly and reverendly. 
General Elliot has the flag presented to him, carefully folded by the 
UNSC Marine colour gaurd. An awful battle has been won, many fierce 
and contentious issues laid to rest. But at what cost? There have 
been casualties along the way. 

But, as always, there would be other worlds, other environments, 
other issues, other battles. And the few, the brave, the courageous, 
and the long-winded would rise to meet them, without fear or 
reservation. They always had, they always would. 

The Faith Would Be Kept. 

(Excerpted from a 2185 Documentary entitled "The End of An Era: A New 
Day Begins" by Ground Zero Press, Albion. )

(See you on the new list guys! Te Morituri Salutimas!)

Thomas Barclay		     
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