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Re: [ds] Modern Tanks and moral issue

From: jeremy claridge <jeremy.claridge@k...>
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 14:42:32 +0000 ()
Subject: Re: [ds] Modern Tanks and moral issue

> >One guy was killed instantly- his arm was blown off. The other was
> close to him
> >and had numerous fragments pierce his chest, slashing several
arteries and
> causing
> >him to bleed to death. The medics did their best for him, but it was
> much for
> >them to handle. Things you can never forget.
>	Having seen "Saving Private Ryan" last week and then reading the
above it
> would seem that someone is deliberately shaking me out of complacency
> combat. None of the members of my family have ever spoken about what
> saw. Makes you kind and stop and think about the games we play and
> they would mean if real.

Well that is the big problem isn't it. We all hate the real issues that
come with war. But we 
love the concept of Tactics and strategy that come with it.
And I try not to think of what would the games I play be like for real,
mainly because my 
acceptable casulties level is a bit higher than most. Friend of mine
would always say to me 
before a game "bring some home" :)

>	At three shots per activation the whoever gets Superior firecon
is going
> to annihilate their enemy. Might be better to give them 2 (ehanced) or
> (superior) shots if they don't move. Then allow the Superior ones to
have 2
> shots and the free overwatch.
Isn't the difference in technology two fold though. As well as Superior
firecon surely the 
aliens ability to hit say units employing stealth technology would be
Seeing through smoke etc.

Just a thought but chances are they have several advantages not just the
ability to hit a 


jeremy claridge

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