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From: Tony Wilkinson <twilko@o...>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 23:49:28 +0000
Subject: Re: [ds] Modern Tanks.

>No arguments here. I'm just glad that my unit escaped most of that. We
have 2
>KIAs result from a couple of guys who got dumb and played with DPICM
>One guy was killed instantly- his arm was blown off. The other was too
close to him
>and had numerous fragments pierce his chest, slashing several arteries
>him to bleed to death. The medics did their best for him, but it was
much for
>them to handle. Things you can never forget.

	Having seen "Saving Private Ryan" last week and then reading the
above it
would seem that someone is deliberately shaking me out of complacency
combat. None of the members of my family have ever spoken about what
saw. Makes you kind and stop and think about the games we play and what
they would mean if real.

>I'm thinking about allowing vehicles to fire multiple times:
>Basic: 1 shot per turn/activation
>Enhanced: 2 shots
>Advanced: 3 shots + free activation on overwatch. This allows the
to fire
>its main weapon and still get an activation to move (no fires though)
>That seems right to me : )

	At three shots per activation the whoever gets Superior firecon
is going
to annihilate their enemy. Might be better to give them 2 (ehanced) or 3
(superior) shots if they don't move. Then allow the Superior ones to
have 2
shots and the free overwatch.


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