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Re: [ds] Modern Tanks.

From: Randall Case <tgunner@e...>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 15:21:04 -0600
Subject: Re: [ds] Modern Tanks.

Tony Wilkinson wrote:

>	  Still bad if you are on the recieveing end. Friendly fire -

No arguments here. I'm just glad that my unit escaped most of that. We
did have 2
KIAs result from a couple of guys who got dumb and played with DPICM
One guy was killed instantly- his arm was blown off. The other was too
close to him
and had numerous fragments pierce his chest, slashing several arteries
and causing
him to bleed to death. The medics did their best for him, but it was too
much for
them to handle. Things you can never forget.

Laser and Sabot was put out by a tiny game company called Starchilde
It supports a RPG called Domination (which deals with the invasion).
Both systems
were okay, but I know of much better games out there to play. Laser and
Sabot is a
minis game which at one time actually had minis out for it (285-300). I
don't have
any of the minis, but some of my FASA TOG and Commonwealth grav tanks
look very
close, and I have a swarm of US and British micro armor. Might see how a
Anglo-American battlegroup does against aliens : )

> Ortillery would be nasty.

Oddly enough, that is the only artillery the aliens used : )

>	  Be interesting to see the Aliens (very small force) take on
the Russians
> (HUGE).

I think the Aliens would be shredded... yeah, what they hit they will
kill, but
swarms of Russian tanks will overwhelm them, at least with the fire
controls in the
game. An advanced fire con results in better hitting, but heck... no
greater rate of

I'm thinking about allowing vehicles to fire multiple times:
Basic: 1 shot per turn/activation
Enhanced: 2 shots
Advanced: 3 shots + free activation on overwatch. This allows the
vehicle to fire
its main weapon and still get an activation to move (no fires though)

That seems right to me : )

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